"Alli offers an open and relaxed atmosphere that is very welcoming to beginners, while at the same time providing a strong core yoga program for all levels."

"Fun, Relaxing, Calming, Great playlists: I really love how you do assists because they're so helpful and feel amazing especially in pigeon or child's pose."

"Alli creates a welcoming and friendly environment to practice yoga.  I feel comfortable taking risks and trying new poses with the support that she provides. It is the one hour of my week that I can focus on myself and tune in to what my body is saying."

"Super relaxing during [savasana]...great at showing poses and explaining variations."

"Fun! And creates a comfortable environment for all skill levels. My hamstrings are thanking you."

"Alli's class is fun, happy/giggly, makes me want to deepen my practice, and is the best wind down from a hectic week.  She also has really good playlists and amazing massages in savasana.  Alli is fun-loving, down to earth, and motivational.  She has shown tremendous growth since completing her teacher training and is always encouraging us to just 'play' or try new poses out."

"I love Alli's class because she creates a relaxed atmosphere. She is a very caring instructor and looks after each student. She is very responsive to any questions I ask."

"Full of contagious energy."

"Makes everyone feel welcome and passionate about making each yoga class a positive experience for everyone from beginner to regular practitioners.  
Plus her massages during savasana rock and will definitely put you at peace!"

"Class is easy-going but you learn a lot."

"I would describe you as a calm presence, mindfully leading yogis through flows!"

"Your teaching approach is enthusiastic, accepting and tailored to the class. You know your stuff, but you are not intimidating. There is this feeling of inclusiveness that occurs in your class that never occurs in other classes I have taken. Your intuition in assessing need plus desire for an assist is very accurate and your hands on approach is extremely effective yet gentle... One time you used the phrase 'yummy assists' which perfectly describes it."