Getting Started

So you’ve received your Young Living Essential Oils… what?
It all seemed so overwhelming to me when I first got my kit, but I promise it gets easier.  Just find those one or two oils that you love and can use immediately (for me it was Peppermint and Lemon), and go from there. 

Start Slow:
Remember to start slowly, with only 1-2 drops of an oil at a time, that way you can see how your body will react to the new oil. With diffusing, the suggestions on the bottle tend to be on the high side, so I always cut the amounts in half to see how I like it.  For instance, the bottles suggest 8-12 drops for diffusing, but 4-6 works fine! You can always add more depending on the size of the room.
Each of the essential oils has suggestions for how to dilute them, but I would recommend to always start slow and increase the amount used over time. Especially with oils that are considered to be “hot”, like Peppermint or Thieves; they can absorb quickly into the skin and cause a slight sensation. To avoid that, dilute the pure essential oil with a carrier oil to slow the absorption process and cool the hot feeling. This type of dilution doesn't weaken the potency or effect of the oil, it just helps to spread the oil and slow the absorption. There are lots of oils that can be used as a carrier; I usually use coconut oil (got mine from Whole Foods in the cooking section, not beauty section!), jojoba, or grapeseed (got these from Amazon).  I have a few pre-diluted oils in roller bottles (like Peppermint with grapeseed oil for headaches), but sometimes I also just put a few drops of carrier in my palm, add the EO to it, then apply.

Use Your Resources:
I have added you to the secret group "A Drop a Day" on Facebook, so make sure to search or post in there if you have questions because everyone is SO helpful.  There are also lots of recipes in the Files section of the group, so check there too.  Remember you can always change your notifications so that it doesn't clog your newsfeed, and you can always ask me any questions first if you want!
Another resource is the Essential Oil Pocket Reference (EOPR). The first half of this book goes through all of the singles and blends that YL has, and it is great to see where each of the oils come from. The second half of the book details tons of different ailments and gives suggestions for different singles, blends and supplements that could be useful. Here is where you can pick one up:
There is also an iPhone app called "Reference Guide for EOs" - I use mine a ton and it's really helpful! You can also download it through Google Play if you have something other than an iPhone.

NewKit-4 copy.jpg

Reordering Oils:
Since you've ordered the Premium Starter Kit, you officially have your own wholesale account. Any time you need more oils, just log in to with the info you set up when you purchased your kit, and you have access to the wholesale prices. No need to contact me to place an order.

If you find that you are ordering regularly, Young Living has a great loyalty program called Essential Rewards (ER), where you can earn credit towards free oils! When you sign up for Essential Rewards, you choose an auto-ship date (such as the 15th of each month), in which items are automatically shipped. You have the option of adding or deleting items each month and/or changing the processing date.  For example, I had Peace & Calming, Lemon and Peppermint in my ER shopping cart this month, but I can add other products and/or delete those the next month. ER does require a $50 monthly purchase in order to participate, but if you find you're ordering that much anyway, you might as well join Essential Rewards and earn some free oils! 

For more info about ER and/or enroll online, click here.  No pressure to ever get on ER of course, but it is helpful if you find you just love your oils! 
I know that you will really love these oils! They are game-changers! If you're anything like me, as you're learning to use the oils, you'll probably start telling your friends and family about them. If they're interested in giving them a try, please feel free to forward my contact information!