Young Living Essential Oils Member Enrollment

Follow these steps to order the kit: Click HERE (this will open a new window)

Choose Your Membership. "Member" should already be selected. It’s the only way to get access to the Premium Starter Kit and the 24% discount when you reorder.
Ensure your correct country and language are selected.  Click Continue.
Step 1: Choose your Starter Kit. Select your diffuser: Dewdrop, Aria or Rainstone. They all have different features but will all disperse the oils well! There is no wrong choice :) All of the kits come with 11 oils, the diffuser, samples, sharing tools, and literature.  If you select the "Other Premium Kits" tab (or from the dropdown menu on a phone), you will see the Thieves, Ningxia and Slique kits which also include a membership.
Step 2: Set Up Your Monthly Order. This step is optional but is beneficial if you know you'll be ordering in the future. Scroll through the special "Essential Rewards Kits”, customize your own 50pv (minimum) order or skip this step for now.

Step 3: Continue Enrollment.  Add More Products (you can add your favorite product suggestions here) or click "Next".

(A reminder to sign up for the Essential Rewards Auto-ship will pop up - it is just SUCH a great program! - but it's still not required.)

Membership Information. Fill out your personal information including name, address and contact information.

Sign-In Information. Select a username, password and 4 digit pin. Please write these down as you'll need them to log back in in the future.

Commission Processing Information. Select "individual with social security number" if you are interested in the business side of Young Living. We can chat about this!

Terms and Conditions. Read and click the boxes to agree and continue.

Shipping & Billing. Enter your information and click Next.

Enrollment Summary. Confirm your enrollment information and click "Activate and Place Order". 

That’s it! I'm always here to answer questions, and as soon as you order I will add you to our Facebook group, A Drop a Day, where you can get all kinds of EO support and ideas!